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Blue Sandstone, as a true throat chakra gemstone, its vibration instills positive energy, boosts your mood, and uplifts your spirit so that you feel secure in your skin to speak and live your truth. Like Tiger's Eye and Aventurine, Blue Sandstone can give you the willpower, wisdom, and courage to accept your authentic self.


Jasper is actually mentioned in the Bible as a symbol of the Glory of God. It is meant to represent God’s brightness, splendor, and beauty.

Black Jasper is the perfect stone if you’re looking to find a deeper connection with the earth or if you’re struggling with finding your footing and are in need of stabilizing energies. Black Jasper’s grounding abilities allow us to find steadiness and strength. Meditating with your Black Jasper will help you achieve higher consciousness that will connect you to your earthly essence.When we fall under attack from negative emotions and energies, we become vulnerable, and in turn, we make the people around us vulnerable. Black Jasper is an extremely protective stone and it can be our shield against these dangerous attacks.


One of a kind bracelet that will fit wrist size 7" -  8"

Please note if you want this bracelet re-sized (smaller or bigger) there will be a $10 re-threading fee.


Truly a unique piece of wearable art, not found in stores anywhere! 


Please note if you want this bracelet re-sized (smaller or bigger) there will be a $10 re-threading fee.

Handmade in the USA by Claire Jane of 

Pretty white and blue floral beads with black jasper beads blue sandstone

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